"MMOOOMMM GET THE PHONE ITS FOR YOU ANYWAY" (* I never get phone calls @ home...ever)
"I m busy go get it first"

so I got up from my chair and ran to the phone, slipped on the floor mom had just mopped, bumping my knee on the bed and ended up face down on the floor, moaning. Lets fast forward a wee bit to our conversation.

" Tom...why did u run for? next time dont run"
" Yeah mum, but its your fault, it was your phone anyway"
" But dont run around the corner like that"
" Yes mum, but the phone was ringing like incessantly, you should have told me the floor was wet"
" Still dont run"
" Oh ok"
" are you hurt?"
" no, just my toe and knee"
" did u fall flat on your face?"
" yeah"
" you shouldnt run"
" yup" (mumbling)
" did you hit the bed?"
" No, the bed is fine, I didnt hurt it that bad, it didnt scream when I fell on it, so I guess its ok...might have killed an ant though"
(mom turns to buttons) "Good thing you werent there when Thomas fell, you would have gone squish"
" Yeah, you would ve gone squished" ( me mumbling)
Buttons trotted to my room and gave me that look
" you would ve gone squished" I told her "you ll make a good rug if u went flat though"
She gave me that stare:-

We have such interesting conversations at home


  1. # Anonymous emila yusof

    Hahaha...your conversation with your mum is so funny! And Button is so adorable!

    emila yusof  

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