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" What is behind the curtain?" the short haired girl turned to Winston, " I dont know" he stood on his toes trying to look gaze beyond the red line segregating curious visitors ; drawn to the hall by shouts of excitement, and those carying golden tickets bearing the tom-bot logo.

She looked beyond the line, the evening dresses were out, tuxedos were hired a week in advance, clean shaven corporate folks chuckling nervously, a red faced overweight man with a cigar in his mouth laughing too loudly smacked a thinner man on his back, sending him forward hitting a waitress and spilling tall glasses with little umbrellas.

" Ready camera one" "Ready" " Ready lightsman" " Ready" ...The lights grew dim; the deafening chatter of the front row plus the shouts and screams from the back as one by one, television stars and musicians are recognized in front, display restlessness.

Spotlights began to move about, the chatter and screams grew to nervous giggles, a man in navy blue tuxedo moved to the rostrum in the corner and waited as the music began and as it soften he leaned closer to the mic; " Welcome to the Opening Event of the Decade!" The crowd roared. The back row chanted and jumped, led by a mysterious man with a tom bot T-shirt. The music started again, the front row stood up clapping, caught on to the back row chantings and screamed in unison.

" Fictional reality would like to present you, a night to remember; ITS ALIVE" the volume increased another notch, from the corner a string is pulled and the curtain drags its weight to the left, " ITS ALIVE" the announcer screamed.

Tiny bits of paper are released from the ceiling with gold balloons and spotlights swirling all around now. Its alive!



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