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The guys who are giving me money for ads Advertlets are allowing me to earn extra buckaroonies by writing a post about STAR CELEBS. Its quite easy to be honest, cut and paste content from , photoshop some pics and YAWN! booooorrrinngg. The last thing you would expect from me is to cut and paste and follow templates. I DONT cut and paste! and I hate the usual.

Oh well, I decided to create "BUB" a fictional character. Bub like all modern women dabbles with capitalism. What more fun than winning RM 50,000 gain stardom and snatch away Daniel Tan. Now ladies, click the screen on my sidebar when the advert comes up and you ll prob get to the website that have a higher resolution picture of him. For guys, May Wan is a cutie. Click furiously at my Advertlets box if you get realllllll excited when she appears.

Ok, I m required to let you guys on the details to Stardom. Go to or click on the advertisement when it plays on the right. Register by clicking register; Bub filled hers out:-


Just watch out for the dates flashing on the Advertlets screen for auditions. If it still shows something else. Click on the starcelebs link above. Ok ie dokie...I m off to sleep. Blogging advertisements is hard work.



  1. # Blogger KeV's wAlKAbOuT

    LOL.. I like ur design... kinda reminds me of SouthPark though..

    Anyway, I've added u to my viral icons as well..  

  2. # Anonymous sissonne

    so kiasu.
    stick so many ads here and there. u think your blog is F1 racing car ar?


  3. # Blogger Emila Yusof

    Hahaha....your ad is hilarious!  

  4. # Blogger Thomas K

    gee thanks kev... its my 1st drawing something like this on photoshop. I had a look @ emila's blog and the artwork and characters just blew me away. I even left a comment in her blog saying i could never draw hair like that :P shes amazing. Oh well, do come back for more. cheers  

  5. # Blogger Thomas K

    thanks emila. I still think your artwork is gorgeous. Btw. can I have the bag? :P  

  6. # Blogger Emila Yusof

    Hi Thomas, you're so funny! Your jokes really made me laughed to the max! Anyway, the bag will go thru an automatic random picker. Just cross your fingers! Maybe you're the lucky one!;)  

  7. # Blogger Jean Chia

    i like the way you do this blogvertorial. It's very unique. Great job!  

  8. # Blogger KeV's wAlKAbOuT

    Hey.. wow.. photoshop huh.. I can go nuts with it trying to draw something e.g. a dog paw print! I use my mouse and spend like 30 mintue to draw a decent paw print! LOL...  

  9. # Blogger Thomas K

    Hi Jean, I get bored with the obvious. Hence the little "Improvement" :P thanks for the nice comment though. Was hoping to launch new content over the weekend but was real busy. Anyway do drop by tomorrow. Should have something new. :) Cheers  

  10. # Blogger Thomas K

    lol@ kev. Yeah I know the feeling, I have a lot of "FAILED" attempts at drawing more ambitious things as well. There was once I tried to do a dinosaur and failed miserably. :P its quite simple after getting used to it. Just visualize what it should look like and make it up with shapes from photoshop. :) Most of my "creations" are quite accidental. draw draw looks quite cute also wor. :P walla! out comes an octopus. Its all bout shapes.  

  11. # Blogger babyfiona

    i like your blog!!  

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