Kopi Luwak

kopi luwak

I had the privilege of sampling "kopi luwak" the other day, google it and you will find that this is the infamous Crapacino that many have giggled about. For the sake of trying very hard NOT to plagiarize, I call it poopocino. Well these terms are not far from the mark, Kopi Luwak begins its journey from a civet cat, mostly found in Indonesia and some parts of the Philippines. These cats have a particular taste for coffee beans, which are of course at times difficult to digest. Now, as of all things difficult to digest, they will undergo a process which I concoct out of thin air called pooposynthesis. These berries or rather its core will be "ushered" out of the the cat's body through the motion of squatting down, scrunching it's face and WALLA! Out it comes.

These berries are not all poop as one should note, the coffee cores are fermented through the civet cat's stomach acid juices, and pops out as rather intact rounds.

The methods in which Kopi Luwak is transformed begins by shoveling poop off the jungle floor, washing them, roasting em and grinding the crap out of them (* no pun intended)

Without much delay (* Yes yes, I know some of you cant wait for this) here is my assessment on the matter:-
It wasnt much aromatic as I had hoped it would be after having sampled much of San Francisco Coffee's Cable Car blend; which I would say is one of the most aromatic coffee blends around. But distinctly I would say that it scored well in its robustness and after taste which I though was...ahem ...

rather clean. I wonder why.



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    Hi, I've added u to my viral-icons. Thanks for adding me! :)

  2. # Blogger Thomas K

    no probs :) glad to have met a friend today  

  3. # Blogger Novice Blogger

    hi thomas! i've added you to my grid already. :)

    And you may want to check this: http://thebrokenbow.blogspot.com/2007/06/feeding-mind-further.html


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    hi! u have a nice blog! cute template! like it!  

  5. # Blogger Thomas K

    :) thanks babyfiona, I worked hard on photoshop-ing tom-bot. Well I enjoyed it lots, especially adding small little details such as the board that tom-bot is holding on the left hand side. See whether you can catch what it says:)  

  6. # Blogger Jane Doe

    Now I think I've heard everything. Coffee made from cat poop? Never thought the day would come when that would happen.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hello there! was nice meeting you>>>> ghe  

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