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Many months ago, I thought of embarking on an art and craft project. Apt for that situation was doing a mug for a friend of mine. Of course, I didnt know head or tail of how to do it. Who did I turn to? Emila Yusof of course. I came across Emila's site through surfing the web a bit. I remember my 1st post on her website being:- I can never draw hair like that. Seriously, being one to dabble in art myself, I can never draw proper hair on cartoon characters. Anyways, I sought her advice and she replied immediately pointing me to the store at One Utama and the instructions how to paint and bake the mug accordingly. It turned out pretty well.

Following up from my previous post, I strongly encourage guys not to take the easy way out and buy flowers for your female companions, but to go all out to create something special. I'm sure your girlfriends will appreciate it much more; unless it looks like a whole lot of toilet paper glued together! Well, if you are not the artistic type. Try something else perhaps; ORIGAMI! Hand make a dozen Kawasaki roses ( Instructions below) and watch these babies melt ya hunnybunny faster than chocolate on your V6 engine.

By the way, while checking Emila's site today, I learnt that Fictional Reality has been awarded an "I love you very much award" in conjunction with Valentine's day.

Gee, thanks Emila; now thats something special. :)

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As Valentine's day approaches

Download the JPEG file here to send to all your female friends:-

Tun Mahathir appears at court

Tun Dr. Mahathir Malaysia's former prime minister took the stand this morning to answer questions in regards to the "Lingam Scandal", The Star reports that he had repeatedly answered "No" and "I do not remember" to the Royal Commission's questions. At the same note, we find The Star reports that Datuk Anwar Ibrahim has volunteered to "fill in the gaps" on matters that the former Prime Minister has failed to remember.


A question of justice

More recently, the integrity of the Malaysian Judiciary has come into question. The "selective" appointment of judges at the highest level in particular Tun Ahmad Fairuz 's position to the Chief Justice position through the brokerage of a V.K Lingam ,highlights not only the Executive's infringement over what is sacred in a democratic country; that is the independence of the tripartite pillars of government (Judiciary, the executive and the parliament); but also that anyone and anybody CAN be a judge in Malaysia provided you have money and contacts. Anyone for Chief Justice?


What would you do if you discovered an alien in your backyard?

The question was recently posted in the latest Advertlets CJ7 contest. As you know, the typical Malaysian is a political analyst. Our forum is the mamak shop sipping teh tarik (* NOW MUST KURANG MANIS...) discussing why the official inflation rate has not seen a notch upwards when even our roti canai price has increased, apparently also BERSIH had 20,000 participants when the mainstream media stated 5000 only. How come?

I dont see what is so different when an alien lands on our backyard. Take him to the nearest Mamak, slide a teh tarik (* KURANG MANIS) under his nose and discuss the latest Malaysia Today post and Chua Soi Lek Sex Tape; apparently got 4 ANGLES wan!! WAHHH!!!! Welcome to our world ET!! :P

Click here for EXCLUSIVE pictures to behind the scenes pictures of CJ7. Not found anywhere @ the moment

7' 8" 360 pounds

Was surfing Youtube a bit and my eye caught this Video of Kenny George, look at the way he just stands there, his hands are already at the basket. Seriously, why bother playing, just pass the ball to him and watch him dunk it again and again. You cant even block him out cause he is humongous!

I'm loving it

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