Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Its been an eventful day, Mom decided to bake cupcakes this afternoon and distribute them among friends and family.

The girls were waiting to get a small piece

It has been a nice lil Christmas day, the sun is shining bright outside, its a warm lazy hazy day and I m sitting on my chair with the fan blowing a gentle breeze in my face waiting for dinner tonight. Buttons is on the bed snoozing away dreaming of cupcakes and nice juicy bones. Yawn, I believe I m going to nap a bit...right after I finish this cupcake...

Conversations with the dog

Buttonie:- go away fat boy...i m sleepy
tom:- awww...u r so adorable
Buttonie:- scratch me
tom:- awww...u r so adorable
Buttonie:- feed me
tom:- awww...u r so adorable
Buttonie:- I m charging u as u look @ me, u owe me 2 mangoes now
tom:- awww...u r so adorable
Buttonie:- 3 mangoes. Go get em fat boy

Kali Azurra

Came across Kali on youtube while surfing a little tonight. Watched her do a rendition of "Its not easy" by Five for fighting, one of my little favvies and was absolutely enthralled by her voice. Thought perhaps I will post up this rendition of "Revolution ( Tracy Chapman )" instead in view of the times.

Click Here to gain access to her Youtube page.

Christmas Mood

I m humming " Have yourself a Merry lil Christmas" while drawing this:-

Woopeee, Christmas is coming!

Tom's Art

Its been awhile since I posted anything on my blog. The last was during my Birthday. Well, its been crazy since then, with lots of hullaballoos @ the office ( Now ex-office. YESS!!!) & my private life. Nevertheless, as the end of the year is approaching, I thought it will be best to pick up where I left off.

Fictional reality is really about tickling your visual senses as much as other personal blog is about tickling your reading senses. While I was away from Fictional Reality, I discovered Facebook and the graffiti application. I thought it will be nice to make a comeback by posting art which I have drawn over the last couple of months.

Tom Bear :) Like me, its profoundTom's lil doggy in a vase


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