Right, after my long hiatus away from blogging, I m gonna give you guys a treat and do a double post today. As usual, I rummaged through my notebook and discovered couple of nice lil pics that I took from my daily life. Here, take a look at some of them:-

Standard Male:- A new revolution of Barbering Standard Male opened not long ago with a BLAZE of glory. Indulge me as I go on an Imagination spree and go to that day when a trailblazer Indian barber decided to start Standard Male:-
Arumugam: UNCLE! I have decided to open a BARBER SHOP!
Uncle: What barber shop you want to open? Aiyoh yoh! A lot of barber shops out there Aru
Arumugam: But uncle, my shop is going to be special, Uncle. I m going to be the ...
Uncle: Aiyoh Aru, what kind of special shop you want to have? Barber is barber lah
Arumugam: But uncle...
Uncle: But what?
Arumugam: Uncle listen to me lah barber shop going to be REVOLUTIONARY! Uncle. I study Marketing uncle, allow me to expound see, I already do study. My shop will cater to the mass population catering for the masses which comprise mainly of standard males from the age group of 21-35 years old, it will be FABULOUS uncle! I M GONNA BE THE REVOLUTION IN BARBERING!
Arumugam stands proud, his hands on his hips and his chest out, lips pouting a smile.
(* disclosure:- I m making this up)
Oh! did I tell you Standard Male has closed down. Galaxy a traditional barber couple of doors away is still there though

This blogger remembers that he did an elective many years ago called INTERNATIONAL MARKETING. One of the many rules is to find out what your product name would mean in other countries...I mean, this would be obviously understandable if you had accidentally named your cosmetic product badly in an obscure language but seriously seriously, cant you at least try to cater for the ENGLISH speaking world. Come on! LAMER? GEEZ! Before anyone goes...duh! doesnt he know its LA MER not LAMER?
Allow me to ask you what is the difference if my product is called BO DOH, STU PID,
CR AP? I mean if it were, MIRACLE! or perhaps MOISTURE! (* Heck MIR ACLE or MOIST URE) Wouldnt that do wonders for descriptive marketing...oh! did I mention its a French product. :P


  1. # Anonymous 38kia

    lol, that's funny, but i appreciate his bravery :P just need a little bit of err... wisdom maybe? or guides?  

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