Health drink of maximum proportions!


My mother has this knack of blending together lots of stuff and make me drink it. It may look like a mush of stuff, but seriously it tastes pretty not too bad... Here take a look @ it

wicked stuff eh! Sure beats the whimpy stuff you get from the shopping complexes! Honestly, dont cost that much as well, all you have to do is to get a blender, lots of different types of vege and blend it together. Now, dont be too creative about the object matters that you dump in. For example, I m telling mum. "MUM! here are the guidelines...please please dont blend in bitter gourd"

But seriously, from a health scale, wouldnt that be ultra wicked. That and brussel sprouts, and apple cider mixed in...totally wicked (* As you can see, I have been watching too much Jamie Oliver, totally overdosing the word wicked on this post)


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