Right, after my long hiatus away from blogging, I m gonna give you guys a treat and do a double post today. As usual, I rummaged through my notebook and discovered couple of nice lil pics that I took from my daily life. Here, take a look at some of them:-

Standard Male:- A new revolution of Barbering Standard Male opened not long ago with a BLAZE of glory. Indulge me as I go on an Imagination spree and go to that day when a trailblazer Indian barber decided to start Standard Male:-
Arumugam: UNCLE! I have decided to open a BARBER SHOP!
Uncle: What barber shop you want to open? Aiyoh yoh! A lot of barber shops out there Aru
Arumugam: But uncle, my shop is going to be special, Uncle. I m going to be the ...
Uncle: Aiyoh Aru, what kind of special shop you want to have? Barber is barber lah
Arumugam: But uncle...
Uncle: But what?
Arumugam: Uncle listen to me lah barber shop going to be REVOLUTIONARY! Uncle. I study Marketing uncle, allow me to expound see, I already do study. My shop will cater to the mass population catering for the masses which comprise mainly of standard males from the age group of 21-35 years old, it will be FABULOUS uncle! I M GONNA BE THE REVOLUTION IN BARBERING!
Arumugam stands proud, his hands on his hips and his chest out, lips pouting a smile.
(* disclosure:- I m making this up)
Oh! did I tell you Standard Male has closed down. Galaxy a traditional barber couple of doors away is still there though

This blogger remembers that he did an elective many years ago called INTERNATIONAL MARKETING. One of the many rules is to find out what your product name would mean in other countries...I mean, this would be obviously understandable if you had accidentally named your cosmetic product badly in an obscure language but seriously seriously, cant you at least try to cater for the ENGLISH speaking world. Come on! LAMER? GEEZ! Before anyone goes...duh! doesnt he know its LA MER not LAMER?
Allow me to ask you what is the difference if my product is called BO DOH, STU PID,
CR AP? I mean if it were, MIRACLE! or perhaps MOISTURE! (* Heck MIR ACLE or MOIST URE) Wouldnt that do wonders for descriptive marketing...oh! did I mention its a French product. :P

Health drink of maximum proportions!


My mother has this knack of blending together lots of stuff and make me drink it. It may look like a mush of stuff, but seriously it tastes pretty not too bad... Here take a look @ it

wicked stuff eh! Sure beats the whimpy stuff you get from the shopping complexes! Honestly, dont cost that much as well, all you have to do is to get a blender, lots of different types of vege and blend it together. Now, dont be too creative about the object matters that you dump in. For example, I m telling mum. "MUM! here are the guidelines...please please dont blend in bitter gourd"

But seriously, from a health scale, wouldnt that be ultra wicked. That and brussel sprouts, and apple cider mixed in...totally wicked (* As you can see, I have been watching too much Jamie Oliver, totally overdosing the word wicked on this post)



GAH! have had so many template problems. I have finally settled:-
a. Going back to plain HTML (* Hey I m sentimental...not to mention archaic as well)
b. Sticking to a nice boring banner

Please do be patient with me. New posts and new updates shall be up tomorrow...

Who am I?


Stumbled on one of those lil websites that can tell who you are by answering couple of questions. Well, as usual being a person who enjoys defying the common, I went pass questionnaires such as:-

1. what love song are you
2. what is your ideal pet
3. what kinda food are you

seriously, who cares what love song am I? Geez! But some topics are pretty interesting. For ex. I scored 85% on the chances to be a millionaire quiz(* just as well, I'm broke) and found out that in relationships I secretly hope that my partner will change for me (* oh yeah marry a werewolf or the incredible hulk and see what you get; but seriously I plan to marry Jun Ji Hyeon)

PPLLeeeeeasse dont change ;)

I found out that my momma could be Angelina Jolie and my sexy Brazilian name is Paolo Melo, I m a great girlfriend(* errr), my favorite Starbucks drink would be White Chocolate Mocha Frap which makes me whacky with my friends (* I m whacky with my friends. Ask em! they love me for being whacky), I m matured but a kid @ heart, I m 80% more likely to make my crushes fall in love with me (* these days its more like 40%, I m broke remember), my japanese name is KANA JIMYOIN, and my mind is indeed mashed up and I m a plain panties (* dont ask)

So what else could be worst than all my sudden revelations?
QUESTION 2 WHAT FLAVOR OF ICE CREAM ? choco*( natural anti depressants I like)
fast forward
QUESTION 6 YOU WOULD RATHER HAVE GENITAL HERPES OR 50 POUNDS OVERWEIGHT? WHAT THE PHISH!!!!!!! 50 pounds anytime baby. GEezzzz! I m not gonna scratch myself THERE for the rest of my life. Dammnn!
= you are 40% weird
now thats refreshing.


Travel stories

Rummaging through my notebook, I found some pics I took last month while traveling around. Here are some of my favorites I felt I should share with you:-

"Pull your own sleigh fatboy"
on a tuktuk, Phuket Island
Santa dont take tuk tuks when he goes to Phuket. For good reasons! We took the cattle lorry (* oops I meant the bus; I crap you not! they look like cattle lorries) around the island for a beach hopping trip and on the way back one evening, decided that we were just too tired to lorry back to the hotel (* it was a good 2 hrs ride back. The damn lorry is slow & no thanks to my rational that we should blend into the culture, experience what the locals experience, sweat like they sweat in bus...and all that crap, we had undergone 2 hrs to get to Karon beach) Back to the story, we decided to take the tuk tuk back to the hotel, took us 30 mins to get back and when we arrived, the driver decided to overcharge us. Fingers were pointed, and voices were raised, but at the end we paid him a little under what he wanted and that was that.

Like all good Malaysians, we ask for CHILLI sauce when we go to a fast food joint. Waddled into Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport's McDonalds and decided to order a meal. ' Chilli sauce ada tak?" ( Have you any chilli sauce?) I asked. The kind person reached below the counter and threw some of these on my tray. SAUCE SAMBAL!

"Thats new" I mused, and peeled off one thinking that it was the usual sweetened chilli sauce all Malaysians are accustomed to. The 1st thing I noticed was it was darker than usual, and it was salty to taste. They dont have chilli sauce in Jakarta McDonalds. They have SAMBAL! as in reeallll sambal.

This kid gave me grief for more than 3 hrs.

Seriously, the whole plane had to endure this kid's cry for like 3 freaking hrs on my way back from Jakarta. All the father did to placate him was to say " ok ok ". Cant understand how some kids can open their mouth and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for 3 hrs NON stop.

Amazing! I should hire this kid, stick him on a plane and make him go:-
"tohumuuusssnessssss.blooogggsppooott.coomm". Heck I bet by the time the plane lands, everyone would have heard of my blog and will probably dream of this kid chanting for the rest of their lives.


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