Sardines & Armpits

Swivel me with ketchup and stick me into a tin, I feel like a damn sardine. Its in the Malaysian genes, I blame it on our legacy from Kota Raya (* a long bus that I use to pay 30cents to take ride to school to) and Yellow MiniBus ( 50 cents, smaller more modern bus) days where conductors would shout " Masuk lagi Masuk Lagi" (* translated go in go in )when clearly the only room is to hang out on the bottom rung of the ladder with half of the body exposed to passing traffic.

In rhetoric, I was not exactly right. Like all things in life, the closer to God you are ; (* in the LRT, the aircond ducts), the more you will be aware that are evils at the bottom. Any tall person on the LRT would know that when a person who has not taken a bath for a day sticks his hair under your chin, it is akin to smelling a thousand armpits next to your nose.

I felt it is only appropriate to aid my fellow rail transport travelers by creating a small little sign that should attempt to deter the stinkos out there.

PS. For good measures, I have added in Daphne's pic from Down in a Gulp as she shares the same agony as I do.



  1. # Blogger Constructicle Boy

    hello.i have added you on my viral link.keep in touch!lets make our viral link expands!  

  2. # Blogger Lis

    I guess you've to decide which is the lesser of two evils, eh? Stinky hair or smelly armpits?  

  3. # Blogger Thomas K

    lol...neither is very appealing unfortunately. Perhaps I should print the poster, drape it around my neck and start pointing at it when I encounter smellies.  

  4. # Anonymous Manila Mom

    Thanks for adding me in your viral-icons!

    You had me and my family laughing with your post. Seems like Malaysian and Filipino humor are very much alike :D  

  5. # Blogger forumer

    Thanx for putting my icons too in Viral icons. I just putted yours too

    My viral icons  

  6. # Anonymous Daphne pic!!! I don't wanna smell of sardines!!!  

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