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Rummaging through my notebook, I found some pics I took last month while traveling around. Here are some of my favorites I felt I should share with you:-

"Pull your own sleigh fatboy"
on a tuktuk, Phuket Island
Santa dont take tuk tuks when he goes to Phuket. For good reasons! We took the cattle lorry (* oops I meant the bus; I crap you not! they look like cattle lorries) around the island for a beach hopping trip and on the way back one evening, decided that we were just too tired to lorry back to the hotel (* it was a good 2 hrs ride back. The damn lorry is slow & no thanks to my rational that we should blend into the culture, experience what the locals experience, sweat like they sweat in bus...and all that crap, we had undergone 2 hrs to get to Karon beach) Back to the story, we decided to take the tuk tuk back to the hotel, took us 30 mins to get back and when we arrived, the driver decided to overcharge us. Fingers were pointed, and voices were raised, but at the end we paid him a little under what he wanted and that was that.

Like all good Malaysians, we ask for CHILLI sauce when we go to a fast food joint. Waddled into Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport's McDonalds and decided to order a meal. ' Chilli sauce ada tak?" ( Have you any chilli sauce?) I asked. The kind person reached below the counter and threw some of these on my tray. SAUCE SAMBAL!

"Thats new" I mused, and peeled off one thinking that it was the usual sweetened chilli sauce all Malaysians are accustomed to. The 1st thing I noticed was it was darker than usual, and it was salty to taste. They dont have chilli sauce in Jakarta McDonalds. They have SAMBAL! as in reeallll sambal.

This kid gave me grief for more than 3 hrs.

Seriously, the whole plane had to endure this kid's cry for like 3 freaking hrs on my way back from Jakarta. All the father did to placate him was to say " ok ok ". Cant understand how some kids can open their mouth and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for 3 hrs NON stop.

Amazing! I should hire this kid, stick him on a plane and make him go:-
"tohumuuusssnessssss.blooogggsppooott.coomm". Heck I bet by the time the plane lands, everyone would have heard of my blog and will probably dream of this kid chanting for the rest of their lives.



  1. # Blogger KeV's wAlKAbOuT

    Wow.. the kid is simply amazing.. it will be super annoying if I'm seated behind or in front of him!  

  2. # Blogger Thomas

    Hi Kev...sorry for the downtime, the other template was giving me grief. well I was sitting like 2 seats away and I was super annoyed. The best was when he went silent for 5 mins, and the father had the utter audacity to disturb him. He continued ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nearly killed the father  

  3. # Blogger DaphStar*

    u should kill the kid. I once cock stared at a kid like that n told him to shut up. The kid was so stunned and he just stoned.  

  4. # Blogger Thomas

    Yes yes! but all the time I was great marketing tool man! that and... I really want to throw my shoe at him.  

  5. # Blogger Jean Chia

    must bring your own chili sauce next time you are there.. :)  

  6. # Blogger Thomas

    Yeah it tasted a bit weird eating a Bic Mac with sambal. it was McDonalds going fusion, east meets west. Didnt enjoy it though.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    uh-oh, I'm taking my 1yo on a 14hr plane trip next month. I'm already feeling guilty about it. But rather than just saying "ok,ok", I can sing my girl to sleep quite affectively as long as the other passengers don't mind hearing "Sweet Child O' Mine" as a lullaby.  

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