What would you do if you discovered an alien in your backyard?

The question was recently posted in the latest Advertlets CJ7 contest. As you know, the typical Malaysian is a political analyst. Our forum is the mamak shop sipping teh tarik (* NOW MUST KURANG MANIS...) discussing why the official inflation rate has not seen a notch upwards when even our roti canai price has increased, apparently also BERSIH had 20,000 participants when the mainstream media stated 5000 only. How come?

I dont see what is so different when an alien lands on our backyard. Take him to the nearest Mamak, slide a teh tarik (* KURANG MANIS) under his nose and discuss the latest Malaysia Today post and Chua Soi Lek Sex Tape; apparently got 4 ANGLES wan!! WAHHH!!!! Welcome to our world ET!! :P

Click here for EXCLUSIVE pictures to behind the scenes pictures of CJ7. Not found anywhere @ the moment


  1. # Blogger Emila Yusof

    Haha Thomas! You have so many funny ideas! How cool!  

  2. # Anonymous usws

    Haha, the alien must be trying to get as far away from our planet as possible. He/She/It has too many problems of it's own to bother with ours. XD


    p.s. Congrats on the win!!  

  3. # Blogger Thomas

    Gee! Thanks guys, I was wondering when will I ever win something over the Internet :P  

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