TOKYO: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has called on Malaysians to change their lifestyle to reduce the impact of rising inflation.

The Prime Minister said he would encourage Malaysians to save more and reduce wastage to ease their burden.

“Some people may not think it is important but a change of lifestyle a little bit in times of difficulty is important,” he said in an interview with the Japanese media after attending the Nikkei International Conference here yesterday.

Abdullah was responding to a question on the possible need for a strong ringgit to offset inflationary pressures.

He admitted that Malaysia was facing a lot of difficulties but the Government was implementing aggressive measures.

“We are developing measures to respond to the inflation we are now experiencing. We have to increase productivity and be more competitive.

“We are also seeking cooperation with other countries in strategic areas like food and agriculture,” he added.
(from the Star)


  1. # Blogger Emila Yusof

    I think we need to change the leader.  

  2. # Blogger Thomas

    I dont think it ll be that simple. Yang lembut will soon suddenly become very stubborn & hard. My only fear is, when two hard substances (Opposition & Current) meet, then fire will start. Unfortunately, the sparks that fly will only set fire to its surroundings. Bila gajah bergaduh, kancil mati ditengah.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Heres a thought...
    Petrol Price - Increase
    Stock market - Decrease in anticipation of a prolonged effect of inflation
    Those who hold stocks on MARGIN- SELL and have 2 pay Brokerages
    Brokerages- Increased NPL, cant sustain, ask for bailout
    Banks- have to bail out brokerages, will carry higher risks
    Those who held stocks- lower income, higher cost of living
    Riots= Political risks= dumping of stocks+ Lower FDIs= more riots= headaches  

  4. # Blogger Thomas


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