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I'm told Fictional Reality ( this blog) has won the consolation prize for the CJ7 Advertlets post that was featured sometime ago. For my readers who missed the post. Here it is again. CJ7 Adverlets competition post
Well, I had also the privilege to attend the press screening of CJ7 the other day compliments to our friends @ Advertlets. Took precious time off work and attended the session at 10am in the morning. Despite rushing for a paper to be completed for work and sleeping at 5am that morning, I got my sleep deprived frame off the bed at 9am and dragged my feet to MidValley. Grabbed a box of popcorn & sat down. Josh Lim from Advertlets leans over and tells me that the kid is actually a girl, and I m left with that thought stuck in my head the entire movie. Oh Well, before I leave you with some movieshots, allow me to say that CJ7 is worthwhile going to watch, the acting from the boy/ girl is excellent. Here are some movieshots of the show and not easily found behind the scenes pictures.


  1. # Blogger Emila Yusof

    Yay! You won! Congrats Tom!  

  2. # Blogger Thomas

    Thanks Emila :) YES! Finally MUAHAHA!  

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