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Many months ago, I thought of embarking on an art and craft project. Apt for that situation was doing a mug for a friend of mine. Of course, I didnt know head or tail of how to do it. Who did I turn to? Emila Yusof of course. I came across Emila's site through surfing the web a bit. I remember my 1st post on her website being:- I can never draw hair like that. Seriously, being one to dabble in art myself, I can never draw proper hair on cartoon characters. Anyways, I sought her advice and she replied immediately pointing me to the store at One Utama and the instructions how to paint and bake the mug accordingly. It turned out pretty well.

Following up from my previous post, I strongly encourage guys not to take the easy way out and buy flowers for your female companions, but to go all out to create something special. I'm sure your girlfriends will appreciate it much more; unless it looks like a whole lot of toilet paper glued together! Well, if you are not the artistic type. Try something else perhaps; ORIGAMI! Hand make a dozen Kawasaki roses ( Instructions below) and watch these babies melt ya hunnybunny faster than chocolate on your V6 engine.

By the way, while checking Emila's site today, I learnt that Fictional Reality has been awarded an "I love you very much award" in conjunction with Valentine's day.

Gee, thanks Emila; now thats something special. :)


  1. # Blogger Emila Yusof

    Aww...the bear is holding the award! Thank you, Thomas! And the's awesome!! The shop that I told you is pretty cool ,ay? They got plenty of crafts items--I just love going there!  

  2. # Blogger Thomas

    Yup...took me ages to draw that mug :P not to mention trying to figure out how to use the paints. Its harder than just slapping on some ceramic paint on a mug. Anyways, thanks for the award Emila :)  

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